Robinette Gravely Smith - Producer, Lead/Background Vocalist & Songwriter

In 1979, Robinette earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration and Management from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Also, Robinette studied voice under the guidance of one of Howard University's voice instructors & coaches, Ms. Valerie.  This knowledge enhanced her creation of Blues Rush Entertainment in December 2009.  Soon after, Blues Rush Band was formed.  This band is the original, first band formed under Blues Rush Entertainment production company.

In 1988, Robinette grabbed 2nd place in the Washington D.C. area Budweiser, songwriting contest showdown, among 82 finalists.  Out of thousands of entries, "Wake-Up", written, arranged, and produced by Robinette & Stan, received substantial airplay at Washington D.C.'s local DJ100 radio station.  Robinette's songwriting ability is immaculate.  She has performed as lead vocalist in several local Washington D.C. bands since 1982, such as the group Seduction and the Charlie Hampton Trio.

At the Satin Dolls Hall of Marland, Robinette and Blues Rush Band, performed an original song in Virginia, "You Baby"; written by her and lead guitarist Stanley Smith.  The original song, "You Baby" is in simple form and is always an effective warm up song for Blues Rush Band and its audiences.  To give you an idea of the impression Robinette left after the audience heard "You Baby", performed with a raggae flair, the Satin Dolls hall audience was left eager to listen to more of Robinette's and lead guitarist "Stan's" original songs.

Over 20 years, Robinette and lead guitarist "Stan" continue to write songs such as "I'm Your Weakness", Let the Music Sooth You", and "Would You Do It For Me" name a few.  Robinette and "Stan" wrote and performed live, the song "Two Hearts", dedicated to Robinette's parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

Robinette and Blues Rush Band are expanding their repertoire of original songs to include "My Dear", "I Got My Bags Packed Baby" "You're My Lover" and "Do What You Say" to name a few.  The CD & DVD will be available for purchase on this website soon!


Sheba Ram - Lead/Background Vocalist & Songwriter

Sheba's Duke Ellington High School roots (where she was the first student to be accepted for all the arts; including drama, dance, music and visual arts), along with experience opening for the Chi-lites, contributes to her professionalism displayed in live performances.  Sheba has worked for Ben Thomas Productions, Ted Morris Productions and Cymple Truth Productions.  Sheba has performed with, Luv, the Living Soul Gospel group, the Charlie Hampton Trio; and more recently Sheba has performed at Blues Alley and Bethesda Blues & Jazz with the female singing group J'Adore; and Sons Of Faith & CruSyde.  Sheba was also recently featured in a live performance with Eysonu Productions for a benefit concert at Harmony Hall Regional Center of Maryland, where she received a standing ovation for her performance.  Sheba has done studio recording work for Ben Thomas Productions and the Cymple Truth Production Company; singing lead on the Living Soul gospel CD with the Cymple Truth Production Company, under the direction of Rodney Truitt.  The songs she sang lead on are "Already Been To The Water" and "Alright".  Sheba has performed in many venues in the metropolitan area and throughout the states.  Sheba's creativity is displayed in the song she wrote, called "Purple Haze".

Kevin Hart - Bassist, Lead Guitarist, Keyboardist, Lead/Background Vocalist & Songwriter

Kevin Hart is a versatile musical genius!  He has played bass, lead guitar, keyboards; and sang lead and background vocals in production studios and live performances.  Along with studio work and live performances with Blues Rush Band, Kevin has performed with other bands and groups with in the Washington D.C metro area; such as the Full Gospel Praise Team, God's Messengers, ASAP, Off The Block, River Knot and Seduction to name a few.  His flexibility in the number of instruments and vocal talents has proved to enhance any musical project.    

Stanley Smith - Director, Producer, Lead Guitarist & Songwriter/Composer

Stan is a dynamic Musical Director, Music Producer & Lead Guitarist with strong songwriting abilities. He produced all of the songs he and Robinette wrote together over the years...a substantial compilation of original tunes. Soon, you will be able to purchase them on this website.  Though Stan is modest about his talents and abilities, he can direct any band, musician or group, on any musical note... of any instrument...for any presentation and on any stage.  Stan has also performed live with legends, including Mya's (the famous singer) father, Hajji, in the band "Jump Street"; along with the gospel group, Sons Of Faith and CruSyde.  Once you watch and hear Stan perform, you will understand why Robinette & Stan has a special bond with their creative musical compilations.

Myron "Mo" Williams - Bassist, Drummer, Keyboardist & Songwriter


Mo, is a versatile musician that is very flexible in "taking up the slack" by his ability to play many instruments. He has played bass, keyboards and drums with the gospel group Sons of Faith, CruSyde and Blues Rush Band to name a few.  Mo also has performed with bands throughout the Washington D.C metro area and has a compilation of original songs. 

Charles "Gabby" Hicks - Bassist, Keyboardist, Lead/Background Vocalist & Songwriter

Gabby has performed and written originals with the Flex Band.  Recently, Gabby has also played bass guitar, keyboards, sang lead and backgrounds vocals for the gospel group Sons Of Faith and Crusyde.  Gabby has given Blues Rush Band Audiences a taste of his creativity with live performances of original songs such as "San Francisco he performed at the Satin Dolls of Maryland.  His contributions to Blues Rush Band are also enormous, as his flair for creative songwriting has also enhanced the ambiance of Blues Rush Band.

Les Bess - Lead/Background Vocalist & Songwriter

Les' versitile vocal range is incredible.  Les is is definitely an "ice breaker" to a wide range of aidiences.  To Les' credits, he has written a number o gospel and rhythm and blues tunes.  In live and recorded performances, Les' first tenor voice melts audiences wherever he performs.  Les created the gospel group Sons of Faith and the rhythm and blues group CruSyde.  Les has truly become an asset to Blus Rush Band.

Delmas Smith - Equipment Manager

Along with being Robinette's husband, Delmas never falls short of lending management support for every Blues Rush Band project or event.  Delmas also has creative skills, as he pitches lyrical ideas and suggests lyrical phrases to Robinette.  Delmas has become major managerial/business support to Blues Rush Band.